• Analytics

    Our big data analytics finds those clients of yours who are ready to purchase.

  • Marketing

    Our customized marketing emails know just the right hot buttons to convert.

  • Product

    Our single digital page application makes the usual 30-page paper one obsolete.

  • Underwriting

    Our underwriting process happens instantly — not the usual 2-4 months.

  • Distribution

    Our distribution is fully electronic, delivering policies and paying commissions in minutes.

Selling disability insurance just went from a non­-starter to a no­-brainer.

Banks Have Billions in Hidden Revenue

It’s not in their vaults. It’s in their client bases.

Bringing disability insurance into the digital age.

  • Our Mission

    To be the nation’s smartest and largest distributor of disability insurance, by radically simplifying the process and maximizing the ROI.

  • Our Vision

    To partner with banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, and financial institutions in order to unlock the massive amount of revenue in their client bases.

  • Our Belief

    That by significantly easing and speeding the process of purchasing disability insurance, 85% of working Americans who used to have coverage will buy it again.

  • Philip Engelhardt


    Philip's experience spans Wall Street to Silicon Valley. As the Managing Partner of PhilQuo Ventures, Philip is a pioneer in Micro Investment Banking services for early stage companies and is a respected advisor and board member in the startup community. With extensive leadership and advisory experience at Lehman Brothers, BNP Paribas, Investissement Québec, Lucasfilm and Silicon Graphics, Philip is well-poised to lead the SimpleDisability™ executive team to transform a legacy industry.

  • Amanda Lettmann

    Co-Founder & COO

    Amanda brings over 19 years of global Business Operations and Transformation leadership to Simple. She has accelerated the adoption and benefits of advanced technological solutions in hi-tech and digital marketing, successfully executing and integrating over $3B in innovative tech programs at such companies as Adobe Systems, EMC, and the US Air Force (Active Duty). Leading Operations, HR, Accounts and teams, Amanda focuses on achieving strategic and tactical solutions for Simple's clients.

  • Thierry Schang


    Always on the leading edge, Thierry was VP of Engineering at TIBCO Software, where he developed software that generated over $1B in license revenue and grew their worldwide R&D organization More recently, Thierry rolled out TIBCO's first cloud-based integration platform. At Simple, Thierry is passionate about creating a first class engineering team to fulfill the dreams of our customers. Thierry also acts as a mentor at the Plug and Play Tech Center, advising startups on setting up technology teams.

  • Careers

    • Data Scientist
    • UX Designer
    • Front-End Developer
    • Back-End Developer

    We're looking for talented team members who feel most comfortable when they're working on something new and exciting in an energetic environment. If this sounds like you, don't wait. Get in touch with us immediately. We're building the team of teams, and if you've got the right stuff, SimpleDisability™ is the right place.